Lost track of time.

Friday - 8th October 2010

It was a long weekend ( Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday-thanksgiving ).
We had nothing else better to do ( minus studying , duh ) , so Kevin and I headed Downtown. 
-Took a stroll along Bay St. 
- bought a hotdog and a poutine from one of the street-side vendors
- sat down on one of benches in front of City Hall
- me-getting freaked out by the seagulls and pigeons (nasty creatures) 
- Hudson's Bay Company along Queens 
- W Burger Bar along college ( side-note : vodka in a milkshake , NOT a good combination )

( Blazer:Zara ; Top:Topshop ; Shorts:5cm ; Shoes:Dolce Vita ; Bag:Chloe )

While I was in The Bay, I walked past this amazing Sandro jacket hanging on one of the racks. It looked bloody amazing, even some random girl who happened to walk past me said so as well. She probably saw me staring at the jacket. However, this is one of the few things that looked bloody good on the racks and looked pretty darn weird on small shoulders like mine. One of the Halston Heritage collection of bags displayed caught my attention , 
the one Sarah Jessica Parker had been carrying . It's official . That bag looked hideous in pictures , and even more in reality . 


Now, something to make you guys crave for , your choice of meat / mayo / hot sauce / ingredients / mustard etc.
(google image)