Finishing Line.

Totally psyched that the case assignment is finally done after much procrastination and 'breaks'. One more economics essay due and then finals, I'm done for the term. Well technically the term ends this coming Monday but with the essays and all, it doesn't seem like it's the end of the term. Can't wait for the 13/12 and 15/12. For the former, I'm done with my finals, the latter means Vancouver ! Spending most of my winter break in Vancouver, bunking at Louis's and maybe a day trip or 2 to Seattle seems pretty sweet minus the rainy weather. Ahhh wish I could join Hennis and Junn at sunny Florida, but oh well, what's done is done 'cause I had gotten my tickets. OMG I can't wait for Christmas, practically my most favourite season in the WORLD. C'mon who doesn't love Christmas, the presents, the lights on the trees, Christmas carols and the comfort food? I know I certainly do, fosure.