...and I don't give a crap of that end-of-the-world bullshit.
As what one pal of mine said, 2012 will be a year where I don't give a shit to anything that's irrelevant to me, the friends I loved and my immediate family (Fyi, my parents/bro). I had finally come to terms that it's a jungle out there and you couldn't really rely on anyone except for some of course. Sure they seem nice but for some, there's always motives behind that vessel of theirs. They will bash you, criticize your passion or hurt your feelings, maybe unintentionally. All in all, I would still live my life to the fullest in pursuing my dreams and passion. Yeah, I might not get straight As all the time and my daddy can't go around showing her daughter off in terms of grades, but I know what my priorities are and there's a will in me to work hard and succeed. I admit my parents spoil me with material stuff apart from showering me with undeniable love, but I know one day I would repay them the same. Now for resolutions...

  • Get toned up
  • Survive 7 courses in 4 months
  • Keep my deal with kev. Conditions being the malls are off-limits for awhile as well as online sites.
  • Read the assigned chapters before class (which happens to be my resolution list every year *swifty eyes)
  • Stop sleeping at 3 in the morning
  • Get my working permit & G1 done (also, in last year's resolution list. wtf )