Naked Branches.


Kind of stuck with endless thoughts that I shouldn't really be thinking right now, I feel that I have more to prove. Halfway through a path that you know you can do it but the lack of passion and interest just demotivates you. It's so frustrating when you know you'll never be the best or as good as your counterparts. Mid-student-life crisis perhaps? My dad would probably freak if he sees this - ''Ignore this dad''.  I keep telling myself, 4 more years, 4 fking more years and I'm done. Hopefully by then, I'm free and have the qualifications to pursue some other stuff. 


Anonymous said…
Hey babe! :) I know u can do it! You're a strong woman ;) All the best for the upcoming week!! (tiffany here)
Leonie. L said…
Thanks loads hun :)