Deprived but whatever.


Express silk blouse ⎮ BDG @ Urban Outfitters skirt ⎮ Rachel Roy fur vest 
 Lõcale boots ⎮ vintage Salvatore Ferragamo belt ⎮ Yves Saint Luarent bag ⎮ Yves Saint Laurent arty rings

I'm pretty overwhelmed with anything audit-related, right here right now. Handing in my last 17 page case assignment for the school year this morning at 8 was one of the greatest feeling ever after being sleep deprived for 2 weeks. Post-secondary. Who said it was easy? It is always associated with sleep deprivation, a screwed-up biological clock, unhealthy cravings and sometimes, a very cranky mood. Good day everyone!
P.s: The weather is definitely going cuckoo. There was a light snow this morning and I was wearing shorts last week ! Can anyone help me make some sense into it because I can't. 
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