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A blog is like my own little space for me to talk about stuff that I like, food I'm fond of , outings worthy of mentioning or maybe new interesting buys. A university student like myself would obviously lead a very normal and depressing university life. Sometimes I wear sweats to school, I used to bus to school for 45 minutes and walk for 10 and there's no doubt I live off instant noodles or cereal at times, in fact everyday during exams. This space of mine doesn't show that part of my life, doesn't mean it doesn't exist. In reality, who fine dines/eats out everyday, heads to the mall whenever they're free, dressed up for school everyday? C'mon for reals. Tell me someone you know that does that, humor me. It's either he/she has millions to spend, pretentious or just plain bullshit. Just random thoughts, no offence.


Anonymous said…
One of the best posts. Amazingly true.