Morning fix.

Shirt from Krabi, Thailand ⎮  Pull & Bear denim shorts  ⎮  Banana Republic belt  
  collar tips  ⎮  YSL arty ring  ⎮  vintage Omega watch span 3 generations ⎮  vintage Coach bag  ⎮  Hermes bracelet
Woke up to a very unpredictable weather where one minute it was all bright and sunny, drizzling the next minute and five minutes later it was sunny again. Despite mother's nature games, Kev and I headed over to Kensington Market for brunch and got stuck in the jam along the way. Since the main exits of the expressway are all 'efficiently' located near the two main arena and stadium, go figure when there is a match. So yes, it took us about an hour to reach the brunch place itself and we were starving by then. I had 'bangers and rosti' which consist of caramelized kale and red onion stuffed sausage with potato rosti, sunny side-up eggs and Woodlot sourdough. First time at the Bellevue and the food was pretty decent, or maybe my hunger just took over my taste buds and acknowledged everything was good. Brunch was followed by a rather amazing iced chai latte to-go from Cafe Pamenar. Still yet to find someone who shares a similar craving for chai latte.