Young Hopefuls

Consolidations. It's probably one of the harder courses throughout my undergraduate years. Numbers, financial statements and reconciliations. Never in my younger years I would ever thought of doing all that. I blame them for sucking out my creativity out of me, literally. The fact that I am doing what I am doing now was just bad timing, wrong place and at a wrong state of mind. The pass is the pass. There is always the question of why, but I think it is time to drop it and just go with the flow. Graduating next June is even more nerve-wrecking. I could even see it now, that invisible banner greeting me with a warm welcome into the real world. With the current job market out there still not looking as good as pre-'08, it freaks me out even more. Everyone says the program I am in now makes finding a job that much easier. Bullshit. Finding a job is never easy, with all those competition out there, all those eager young hopefuls. Yes, I am one of those young hopefuls.
P.s, I am currently watching a new series called Underemployed by MTV. It's about the life of 5 young hopefuls that recently graduated from college. Sounds familiar?