Sore self.

So yesterday was all about that 5-hour of mindfuck exam. Honestly, 5 hours seemed long but the hours just flew by in a snap and it wasn't enough. The past week had been brutal; tears and what not. Now it's over, all I can do is to sit tight and hope for the best. The fear had been overwhelming but I really need to get over it since I have two papers; one about economics of law, the other about the movie 300 with religion (Religion?! Yeah, one of the biggest regrets of my life so far), and a assignment due next week. Then reading week which I will pretty much be occupied with more religion stuff plus tax, IT audit and more economics...Oh my gosh the joy of the 'maybe' finishing point of undergrad, and there are probably more tears along the way if things don't go well. So imagine my sore self, snapping at anything that gets on my nerves, even the littlest thing. *jokes, no partly true
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