Pictures overview: some London bred apparel - missing a piece of home - a Scandinavian inspired dinner with the family with the likes of Swedish meatballs - trying to be artistic with the 'gorgeous-I want that chair' chair in a changing room and mom's bag - tomyam mee thanks to a very good guy friend who was willing to transport me across waters - millecrepe with a very good girl friend - fusion afternoon tea with the mother - nasi lemak/french toast brunch with the mother - tapas dinner with again, the very good girl friend - tea at a bagel place with two good ol' friends - gasped at this 'Adriano Zumbo make your own macarons' set with the brother - missing my comfy bed - successful yet unsuccessful graduation dress hunting at Bran et Daguet *unsuccessful since I did not even wear it for graduation due to some rather annoying circumstances* - beer time with the girls and a guy who eventually decided to leave the girl talk - club time with the girls - pre club - sushi with the brother while the parents were out - some mural art in the old part of town - so called vintage cafe - late lunch with the girls

Real time: Life has been a bore lately, but very self entertaining at times. Self contradictory? Other than reading my newly purchased book called 'Paris Street Style: A guide to effortless chic' *self excited* and going through the thousand photos that had been accumulated in camera for the past month, I had been  blasting some very, very awesome music from my newly updated playlists in my iTunes *credits to Hui and Hennis*. So yes, imagine me lying on my bed in a position where I have my legs up on the wall, novel on hand, ear covered with the boyfriend's pretty awesome headphones; dancing my inner-self away in my mind with songs on repeat. Short term thrills.
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