Fusion. Baba Nyonya.

Summer in Penang: Took a quick visit to Penang Peranakan Mansion after a mediocre brunch at SiTigun with this lovely lady of mine. So glad we actually bonded during the later years of high school and the friendship sort of blossomed into what it is today. The mansion was gorgeous as expected with lots of gold and western-asian fusion going on. As soon as the rain stopped, we left for some much needed tea. We were pretty much complaining about the traffic along the way and practically got distracted with the cute vintage minis lining along a short stretch of Beach Street. Pastel pink minis anyone? Pre-mini hatch of course. A pink version of today's mini is way too much for a girl to handle, unless you are attention seeking/bimbo. ✌
 photo cLrLZf-1.jpg


Kar Yan said…
WOW Great pictures :)
Looks like a neat place to visit!
Hope your having a good time, I love the royal blue dress you were wearing!
Anonymous said…
this post is really really nice :)
pleasure to spend time with u.
take care & all the best.
we'll see again mydear~