Twenty Second.

Birthday in Manhattan? Checked. But really, birthdays are like any other days. Spent this year's with the parents and some family friends in downtown Manhattan, visiting sites and checking out a gourmet grocer stocking every bits of Italy from Italian toothpaste Marvis to a $86 Santa Maria Novella moisturizer to Leone sweets. Got my hands on this rose water toner from Santa Maria Novella and toners will never be the same again. I am perfectly fine with the thought of smelling like roses all day long. On a side note, New York stores stock the best ketchup. Sir Kensington spice ketchup is the sort of gourmet ketchup that literally made me go looking for it in Amazon. 
 photo cLrLZf-1.jpg


Unknown said…
Great pictures :) I'm so jealous, I want to visit NYC one day! The food looks delicious too!
- Kar Yan