Blue Period

 Topshop maxi skirt  ⎮  Club Monaco sweater  ⎮  vintage Aigner belt  ⎮  Chanel bag
I always associate the end of summer equivalent to the start of proper dressing. After months in sandals, shorts, slip dresses, sun dresses, rompers and what not, it's that time of the year again where layers matter. I had taken a liking to long silhouettes lately, such as knits or camisoles layered over or tucked into maxi skirts and tailored trousers. Color wise, I am definitely undergoing a blue period. Either classy navy or cobalt, the color somehow has this flattering nature to it. Except for handbags, never gotten myself to by a blue colored bag or any colors in general as I tend to find myself sticking to neutrals. Well I am a boring person, so this practically transcends to my color choice in bags. ✌
 photo cLrLZf-1.jpg