May our hearts beat for...

...brunch. My cravings have the tendency to kick in at the weirdest time. I had this craving for brunch food and frites at dusk after I had my dinner. It is those sort of cravings my female counterparts would probably understand and where guys would certainly not. Fast forward next morning, I was on my way for brunch and some very unhealthy frites. My plan of eating healthy i.e sans trans fat went down the rabbit hole as I have this apprehension that life is too short to not enjoy some crispy yet soggy fries with a whole slab of aioli. Omygad, the thought of it while writing this post is unbearable. I am literally salivating right now.

...wearing Wilfred shorts, Boutique by Topshop camisole, Salvatore Ferragamo flats, vintage belt and 3.1 Philip Lim Pashli bag.
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