Such The Amateur

So I have been cooking it seems. *OMG Leonie can cook!
My girlfriends would probably be having this wide-eyes-open moment now. 
But no seriously, I can when I want to.
1. Mexican chilli + Waldorf salad + Sourdough
2. Arugula cranberry salad with soy maple dressing + Brie cheese + Pear & muscat jelly
3. Guacamole + Ciabatta
4. Tapas style: Garlic shrimp + Sautéed mushrooms
5. Since-I-could-not-find-lobster-so-I-used-crab roll, which ended up too flaky and the mayo just made it into a mush. 
Now I know the reason behind the existence of a lobster roll but not a crab roll. *funny face
6. Veggie-quiche
 7. Potato gratin + Arugula & feta salad. Post gratin, I went on a carbs-free diet for awhile. 
The thought of the amount of potatoes, cream, cheese, and milk still made me cringe.
8. Bread pudding. By far the most adventurous. *squinty eyes 
Should have followed the recipe to use brioche instead of being a cheapskate and used the leftover Ciabatta.
9. Baked Thai-chilli-style sea-bass, which obviously meant to be steamed but I did not own a steamer.
10. Rösti + Caramelized onions + Sunny-side-up eggs + Arugula & Feta salad. 
Just because I missed Rösti that much and could not find one here, but I definitely used the wrong type of potatoes.
11. Braised beef short ribs + Red wine reduction + Mashed potatoes. 
Okay, I did not cook this. The beau did. I was busy perusing UK ELLE.
12. Veggie-burger: Patty of panko, minced mushrooms, scallions, five spice powder, + Sprouts + Avocados. 
Okay, this is definitely too much work for my own good. 
I spent an hour making this since I was totally being inspired by that veggie burger I had at Shake Shack in Manhattan.
 photo cLrLZf-1.jpg