That time when the Louboutin Exhibit was in town.

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Zara silk shirt  ⎮   Club Monaco slit skirt  ⎮  vintage Aigner belt  ⎮  Salvatore Ferragamo bag  ⎮  Senso booties
In similar manner to all other exhibits I have attended so far in my lifetime, I had chosen the last day to visit the Louboutin Exhibit at the Design Exchange. The exhibit had been going on for two months, but as usual I brushed it off to visit the exhibit earlier telling myself there's one more month to go. By the night of September 14th, I turned to the beau and told him, very sternly that we absolutely need to pay a visit at the exhibition to satisfy my inner shoe lust. Really, who can deny those red soles?
 The moment we stepped in, it was already heaven to my eyes while the beau instantly regretted his decision not to wait for me at a coffee shop nearby. Men.

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Being touted as a Celebration of Style, Glamour, Power, Femininity and Elegance, the retrospective showcases first and foremost Louboutin's skilled artistry. From stilettos to ballerina flats to the fetish exhibition, the exhibition was some serious eye candy. Now only a signature from Louboutin himself...
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