Cherry Blossoms

Growing up as a young, wildly imaginative kid, I would never not find myself doing any kind of art form motion. I would have my school notes filled with random sketches to the point that I still vividly remember this tuition teacher complaining to mother dearest about my rather 'bad' habit of drawing on my notes, which according to her, was 'nonsense'. Talk about harnessing creativity from a tender age, Asian teachers that teach math and science are the worst. So there was this phase in my life where I dreamt of being the person responsible for architecture marvels and Sir Norman Foster was literally my hero. Oh wow, I was such a weird kid. Anyway, that dream didn't happen obviously because I was shipped to Canada and had a quarter life crisis before my undergraduate years. In addition to that, pursuing a commerce degree specializing in accounting and majoring in economics isn't what one would say 'harnessing one's creativity'. Trust me. I got so number oriented I didn't even know how or why, and I literally felt part of my creative self being robbed off me piece by piece with every new course I took. I hated myself for it. Regardless, I graduated Thank God. 

Two weeks ago, Kim and I had this impulse decision to revive our long lost creative juice in Paint Lounge. Painting 'cherry blossoms' was a start and really, it was such a joy. I should really consider taking this long lost hobby of mine again.
 photo cLrLZf-1.jpg