Hermès Festival des Métiers

 Silence and Noise blazer  ⎮  Nasty Gal crop top  ⎮  Seven for All Mankind jeans ⎮  Saks Fifth Avenue boots  ⎮  Alexander McQueen clutch  ⎮  Chanel watch
With all that spent perusing mother dearest's fashion magazines since young, it wasn't long before I happened upon the ultimate symbol of luxury craftsmanship - Hermès. The Hermès Festival des Métiers passed through Toronto the first week of October. The beau and I ventured over to the Design Exchange into the temporary elusive Hermès atelier.
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The Hermès Festival des Métiers gave all the eager attendees the chance to witness firsthand the talent behind the creation of the iconic Kelly bag, to witness artisans setting diamonds in a Collier de Chien, painting on delicate china and silkscreening Hermès scarves as well as to see the inner workings of Hermès timepieces. With all the extreme attention given into the craftsmanship,  Hermès is not a materialistic gain, it is a work of art. Do you know the scarves with one of the most intricate details require 2000 hours in the engraving stage which is before the printing stage?
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