Front Row Shop dress  ⎮  Zara heels  ⎮  Chanel bag  ⎮  Chanel watch
For many minimalism and simplicity are an essential way of life. In the chaos of our digital age, simplicity itself becomes the necessary. Lately, these virtues have also become an essential way of dress. Across fashion, there's a certain purity of shape and color and I, too have been focusing on simple structure and texture in the way I dress.  Keeping true to my current 'minimalism' aesthetic, I chose this grey dress in thick cotton from Front Row Shop. It is simple with clean and modern lines. Shift dresses never looked better. 

Visit http://www.frontrowshop.com/ for trendy yet affordable clothes. With a young and professional design team, the quality is top notch and the cut is surprisingly good for an online fashion store. Happy browsing ladies!
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Unknown said…
This is a gorgeous classic simple gown. I love the way you styled it.
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Ee Xin said…
Love your blog and love your outfits!

If you don't mind, may I know what camera you're using?