Shop For Jayu Last Call Event x Nadege

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Nasty Gal sweater  ⎜ The Quiet Riot necklace  ⎜ Boutique by Topshop skirt  ⎜ vintage Chanel bag  ⎜ Miista booties
A few weeks ago, my job as an intern required me to attend Shop For Jayu's Last Call Event. It was fun nevertheless; taking photos for the event to then write about it and admiring the statement necklaces on display. I dragged Lin along for the event, did whatever I needed to do at the event and we proceeded to have a very tea-like dinner at Nadege after our failed attempt to have Malaysian-tapas style. Traffic jams are annoying, but the jewelry we got made us rather happy. 

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Tayler Worrell said…
Killer necklace! Glad I found your blog via lookbook! New follower :)