Chi-Town: Hauls

  • Giuseppe Zanotti heels from DSW that I found hidden in the markdown pile. They were my size, 70% with an additional 60%, and $80 after tax from $600 plus. I would be mad  insane to forgo it. Even if I am watching my bank account like a hawk, there is still a limit to it for casual encounters like these. 
  • My Chicago haul: Giuseppe Zanotti, Vince, All Saints, and more Vince. 
  • Lavonne and I were at Fashion Outlets of Chicago (thank god it was indoors). So we entered Gucci and fond over this very adorable 12-month old Gucci Kids coat. Did I mention it was adorable?! Of all things in Gucci, we were starring at this. 
  • Don't even get me started at Neiman Marcus Last Call. The amount of designer bags and shoes being marked down is insane. One hour the Prada Saffiano Lux Tote was on display, the next it was gone. Marked at around $1300 from $2000. That lucky bitch, whoever she is. Note to self, "window shopping is so fun!" double quotations
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