Winterlicious: One Restaurant

2014-02-07 171
2014-02-07 171
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Winterlicious, for me is an annual ritual because who would want to miss out on the opportunity to dine in renowned restaurants at a deal. This year I am going to two places, lunch at One Restaurant by Mark McEwan and dinner at Cafe Boulud by Daniel Boulud (more on that later). Smoked trout, salmon, cheesecake and afternoon cocktails. Really, nothing could go wrong in a McEwan establishment. Food aside, that heart balloon was given by the lovely folks from Ted Baker while Kim and I were at the Toronto Premium Outlets post-lunch. Personally, I think it's bloody good marketing because c'mon , which of you ladies wouldn't want a heart balloon even if you are going to throw it aside once you reach home. The little girl in us stays. 
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