I started this blog years ago as a medium of sharing my personal thoughts. However as the years went by, it became more of a medium where I would share my sartorial and gastronomical musings. Anything that was deemed pretty would end up at this space. Personal aspect, not so much. May 16, 2014 was the day I decided to leave a country I hold quite dearly for the last six years. The reason being family and a few closed ones. I bought my plane tickets 4 months prior, so in a way it gave me time to digest the fact that I was leaving for good. When the day came, I balled my eyes out. It was both an expected and unexpected situation. I knew I would be melancholy of my time here but never would I expect the thought of leaving my friends would leave me weeping away at a dinner table during my farewell. Embarrassing I know, but I am too emotional for my own good. It's definitely something I need to work on. Regardless, thanks for the memories! Friends old and new, it is the start of a lifelong friendship. 
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