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Wilfred blazer  ⏐  Zara camisole ⏐  J.Brand jeans  ⏐  Vince d'orsay flats  ⏐  Chanel bag  ⏐  Shop For Jayu necklace
When it comes to dressing up, I like to do it the French way. Keep it simple and stick to timeless pieces, they say. I was in a conversation with my beau the other day about the French, about the way they dress. There is this unique flare about the way they portray themselves and the way they dress. It's bordering the line of arrogance yet it's still very much acceptable. 

The 'supposedly' dress code of French women: Blazers, skinny jeans, stripes, grey tee, lot's of black, lot's of leather, effortless hair, minimal makeup...
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