BDG tweed blazer  ⏐  Wilfred Free tank  ⏐  Wilfred shorts  ⏐  Elizabeth & James heels  ⏐  Coach bag  ⏐ Daniel Wellington watch  ⏐  Ela Stone accessories 
I am starting to put in an effort to wear more heels to work, although it is often a torture given the fact that most of my heels are 5 inches stilettos. Also, I have a tendency to only procure the most uncomfortable version of a pair of heels; pumps with a narrow heel and pointy-toe without any elevated platform. A whole day in those heels, you will be praying for a pair of flats by sun down. Maybe I should invest in a pair of platforms or wedges instead. 

I used to have this rule of mine whereby I forbid myself to wear heels back to back. I had change my mindset since then. Victoria Beckham made a statement that she can't concentrate in flats. An interesting metaphor since flats win in terms of comfort. Nevertheless, I like how heels contribute to a boost in confidence. Not sure if it applies to the rest of the female population but it does to me. Don't get me wrong,  I still adore my flats and loafers. 
 photo cLrLZf-1.jpg


Cassandra said…
chic outfit! I love wearing heels too :) despite the fact that I am super tall.. it's so important to rock heels with confidence no matter how tall you are!

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