2014 has been an exciting yet challenging year for me. To sum it up, I travelled a lot, interned, left a country after six years and got a permanent job. I was at a major quarter life crisis, figuring out my path. For the first half of the year, I was funemployed, interning at a jewelry company, loving life and seeing where it takes me. The beau left for home early this year, but it took me awhile to truly decide whether I would want to stay on or leave too. I chose the latter but I decided to stay on a little longer. I wasn't ready to drop everything, pack my bags and leave a country where I got so accustomed to. I definitely had my doubts of living alone at a two bedroom unit. Unfortunately, I am the kind of person that fears loneliness. So the thought of living alone was my own nightmare. But I am happy to say that I learnt to love living solo. This was when I actually felt I grew wiser and learnt the true meaning of being independent. It was also that time where I met new people, made new close friends and did a road trip with a bunch of people that I called my second family on a foreign soil. Basically, the six months changed my life. I learnt the empowerment and independence of growing up. I left for home for good in May, six bags and five boxes with me. Imagine the look on my dad's face when he saw my cargo. Countless urging, one week of job applications, and four interviews later, I took a job at a German based e-commerce company in August and has been experiencing the real world ever since. I am taking it step by step, not fretting where life takes me. 2014 was great; 2015 will be better.
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