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Every time I walked into Anthropologie, I feel a sense of belonging. I could not really pinpoint how, but I just felt that somehow. I could say in certainty, the procurement team for its stores are excellent. I still remembered vividly the very first time I stepped into the store at Yorkville. Mind-blown, amazed and in-awed. It was as though I entered into my very own wonderland of some sort. Vintage inspired pottery, a great selection of bath products and candles, lace apparels, one-of-a-kind jewelry, and the understated perfumes in pretty bottles. Also, the scent of the store was something to be reminiscent about. 

Ever since I took notice of indie perfume makers, I hardly go back to the mainstream designer ones. For one, the scents are significantly more mild and fresh. One of my favourite perfume creators is Royal Apothic. Its founder, Sean O' Mara chance discovery of an apothecary guide at a London bookstore sparked the creation of this Los Angeles based beaty line. Each of their concentrated fragrances, luxurious lotion and long-burning candles is modeled after centuries-old formulas blended for European royalty. One scent in particular that I adore is from its Conservatory Collection. It's a blend of white lily, lilac, cyclamen and violet with a hint of sandalwood to give it a refreshing and flowery scent. 
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