Dude & the Duchess dress  ⏐  Senso heels  ⏐ Yves Saint Laurent bag 

Burgundy is one of my preferred hues in the red spectrum - brighter than black but still carries a sense of mystery in it. In terms of color association, it is also reflecting what I am working towards to; authority, sophistication and power. 

I wore this Dude & the Duchess ensemble to my grandmother's house to pay my respects during the first day of the Lunar New Year. This was an unintentional buy while in the mall. Given that my wardrobe consists mainly of the hues of black, blue, cream and grey, I figured it was best to get an attire with a color that associates more to prosperity. A typical Asian belief. 

Random fact but this predecessor Saint Laurent, Yves Saint Laurent Besace bag was the first designer bag that I bought with my own money. I got it on markdown at the Holt Renfrew outlet when I was 18 and prayed that my charge card went through. Well it did. This bag has been my-go-to travel bag and I lost count of the times it was dumped under the plane seats and on the school floors. I have always loved it but it sort of gotten neglected over the past few years and I only used it to while making errands. Now, it is kept in my closet back at my room at my parent's place. Using it this Chinese New Year reminded me how practical this bag really is. So easy to throw everything into and so versatile. Sadly, the collection has been discontinued and Saint Laurent doesn't make their bags like they used to. 
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