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My penchant for vintage finds runs in the family. My dad collects vintage watches and I guess there is where I come to admire and appreciate these dated materials. Not long ago, I inherited this vintage Omega watch that was my dad's during his younger days and was my grandmother's. Three generations on and it is still working well, though I am certain it requires some maintenance work now. Also, it is equipped with a winding mechanism, how vintage can that get?

As overrated as the word 'vintage' is these days, the items that are classified so exudes a certain character and story to it. This is why I love it. Best of all, it isn't in the mass market so you wouldn't worry about bumping into someone with the exact same shirt on the street.

Perusing vintage stores used to be on my agenda during the weekends. I managed to score this vintage Aigner belt in extremely good condition for $30 from a vintage store called Bungalow at Kensington Market. It stocks and curates all sort of vintage treasures which include enamel furnitures, 90s denim jackets, vintage Coach bags and gorgeous fur coats. My kind of heaven.
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