/1/ RM9 cupcakes in with the faux python clutch and marble surfce as the primary backdrop.
/2/ Me, holding this almost done guave and lemongrass soda at one of the birch wood tables in VCR.

/3/ Unpacking a freshly delivered healthy version of a duck bahn mi via Foodpanda.

/4/ Showcasing a freshly delivered lunchbox at the company's playroom. Of course, the potted plants served as a complimentary backdrop. Food wise, the healthy food delivery service can definitely do better. Bland is not my thing but does healthy and bland come hand in hand? I hope not. 

Lunch is where I find some 'fun' in my working hours and thankfully, I have my colleagues who join me in my profound obsession of lunch food products shots. The current status of this profound obsession is slowly fading away but here's some which process came in many laughs. From healthy lunch boxes, to sandwich delivery, to artisan sodas, to ridiculous RM9 cupcakes. Some lunch story indeed. 
 photo cLrLZf-1.jpg