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Topshop boutique tank top   ⏐   ZARA pants   ⏐   Banana Republic belt   ⏐   Sol Sana heels  ⏐    L'Usine pouch   ⏐  Yves Saint Laurent ring

I am never really a grey-wearing sort of girl, but lately I find the colour to be quite 'clean'. In a way, it complements my skin tone which I thought it didn't previously. I figured it has to be in a certain hue of grey in order to not completely shadow me out. Here I kept in simple, pairing it with my trusty pants from ZARA years ago and a pair of minimalist heels form Sol Sana. The pants were my presentation pants during my undergraduate years. I remember it was for a very important presentation for my advanced audit class. Thinking about it totally brought back memories where my stomach was churning the entire time. It was a brutal and intense 20 minutes. Brutal as it was, I would give anything in the world to have those years back. 
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