Forever 21 trench  ⏐  C/meo Collective dress  ⏐  Kenzo clutch  ⏐  Jeffrey Campbell heels

Autumn season is upon the Northern hemisphere. Hence, the trench. But since I am residing near the equator, it is practically the summer season all year round. Sometimes it is frustrating in terms of everyday-dressing issue, because all you want to do is be in shorts and a very breathable top. Trust me, if I can be likewise, hallelujah. However, my too unfortunate uptight self will not let me do that because I believe in dressing with some effort. 

I was heading out for dinner and I chose this lightweight trench as the perfect cover up. Something to pair with the little white dress I was in. Also, maybe reason being the dress needs to be taken in a little and the trench was the perfect distraction. Of course, I have no patience to wait two weeks to wear that dress for a dinner occasion. 
 photo cLrLZf-1.jpg