Irresistable Me 

Ever since I decided to chop off my hair and go short, the situation I have with my hair is a love and a hate. Sometimes, I would yearn for it to be long with the bed head waves that I would like to associate with. I always associate longer hair with versatility, intentionally not acknowledging its very high maintenance care. For a person that's extremely low maintenance in caring for her hair, it's my worst nightmare. Good thing is I am certain I have found the perfect solution to this. TEMPORARY HAIR EXTENSIONS PEOPLE!

The lovely people from Irresistible Me sent me a box of these custom made extensions and they are amazing especially for a glamorous night out. The extensions come in various shades, thickness and quality and are perfect for anyone who want a quick change overnight. Basically the extensions give you the versatility of going long or short. Now I really do miss my longer hair times. 
 photo cLrLZf-1.jpg


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