Photo 2015-12-19, 7 44 29 PM
Topshop camisole  ⏐  Zara pants  ⏐  Yves Saint Laurent bag  ⏐  Vanessa Mooney necklace

Fancy lunch does not happen that often during a work day but a special day-event makes the exception. This was my Christmas lunch with a few gorgeous ladies that I met from work. It was only just last month, but reality speaking it is already deemed as 'last year'. 

The pair palazzo pants that I am donning is a piece in my closet that is in and out of the washer on constant repetition due to it's comfort and that heighten level of style that I need in any comfort wear. I finally got around to altering the pants to the length that I am happy with. The first alteration ended up a disaster as the seamstress changed the hem completely, instead of shortened it to the specifications. Another thing on severe repetition is the suede choker necklace that is seen in every fashion sites these days. It provides one the certain edgy vibe needed to elevate any outfit. 
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