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COS shirt dress  

Weekday tunic, weekend shirtdress perhaps? During my recent trip to New York, I got this shirtdress after seeing it in Toronto and decided to part with it. Second time was the charm. 

COS has always been my go-to-label for all things well-made and semi-formal. Some would agree on the philosophy that 'it is not about the brand, it is about the style or trend'. However, I agree to a different philosophy and has been staying true to it for the longest time. A brand has an equal chance (budget/ high-street/ luxury) of being well made or terribly made. An upscale brand can too be terribly made. So how would the quote mentioned precede this argument?

Personally, I lean towards well made classic pieces that I would foresee wearing for years.  I would never be the one who purchase things on a trend basis and compromising on quality. It is more of a personal style aesthetic and less of the trend aspect for me. It is always better to have a well curated closet of well made clothes than a closet full of trendy clothes. As of the label, people tend to associate higher end labels with better quality. Unfortunately this notion is true and we as consumers get what we pay for. 
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Natassia said…
Love this chic outfit! :)

And I love the stilettos too! :)

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