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1.  What was I doing in the afternoon on the last day of 2016? Sipping tea, eating some overpriced Japanese cake and watching The Girl On The Train.
2. Vital rejuvenation, and still loving the nails...oh and did I mention my new chrome nails too?
3. Non-working day lunch with @dorothycaitlin , but the term 'non-working day' is only applicable to me.
4. Christmas shopping situation with the beau: Let's go to Hackett since I have 130 bucks worth of vouchers. Oh snap, only applicable for non-sale items.
5. 2016 was very significant to me in so many levels. From my family help of 12 years leaving in exchange for the bliss of marriage life, to my 15 year old dog's passing. From putting aside fashion and exploring a new career path, to renting my own place in the city. For all it's worth, good and bad, it has been an emotional roller coaster ride. Thanks but I am ready to move on.
6. 1/3 of VLT KL team BMW, with another one behind the lens.
7. Not going home for Christmas, but home is where the heart is.
8. I am pretty much a post holiday mess, but in a good way.
9. Time for some solitude.
10. If you do wonder where all 9 of us were, well, behind the scenes trying to get a good photo op.

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