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Donning new clothes is pretty significant during the lunar season, though it has never been a tradition of mine to do or my family. Initially it was, before we started wearing the new clothes before the prosperous day. This time around, the only thing that is entirely unworn was this pair of Valia Gabriel sandals. I foresee a 10-year relationship with this pair. Greek sandals are the best! My last ones lasted more than 10 years before they broke.

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Brunch, playing tourist with another Penangite, and coffee runs. The Chinese New Year celebrations were a good break before the storm kicks back in. I managed to visit some converted century old shophouses. With the creaks of the old wooden floors and colonial courtyards, it sorts of transports you back in time, yet it still feels very current especially the bars. Sometimes, I have this thought wear I would convert one of these shophouses and start a retail or f&b business of my own. Wouldn't that be nice?
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