I like my shirt because it merely says 'Inspire Others'. So what does it actually mean? I do the inspiring or in the sense, begging inspiration from others. At my current state (refer below), I prefer the latter. After all, inspiration in any forms is good.


It has taken awhile for me to own up to what is supposedly my own 'first world' problems. In short, I quit a career and industry I love and went into something that is perceived as a better career choice compared to what I was doing: Fashion. Being my own fickle minded self and in my early twenties, I thought why not leave and explore? Well, I did that and perhaps that will be my biggest regret and lesson learnt 'till date. I learn a career without passion is practically a dead end and how others perceive you doesn't mean a thing. In my society or perhaps my circle of friends, the conventional route is to be in left-brained dominated roles or more conventional right-brained roles. Those roles are what will keep the money rolling in. 

Guess what? Seven months into my job, I lost my passion, my fire, my confidence, my motivation, my goal. Also, I lost myself along the way. I hardly read anymore, I hardly write anymore and I dread dressing up (My younger self would put me to shame). All I do is fidget and worry about unrealistic expectations and deadlines. To put it simple, I hated my job and I was miserable. I knew I would be good at what I was doing, but deep down I knew it wasn't for me. I woke up one day, and decided to hand in my resignation. No one could have talked me out of it and I did not regret a minute of it. Two months into being fun-employed and freelancing, I am 90% back to my previous self, my more relaxed self. I understand the means and sacrifices that comes along my long term goal. For now, I am in a stable situation where it will keep me grounded...well at least for a few years.

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