Opening day, my girlfriends and I hit the cinemas to watch the screening of Crazy Rich Asians with a bottle of wine in hand. Watching it gave me this silent pride of being Asian that I never really had before. Here's why. It’s the first all Asian cast in 25 years since Joy Luck Club, it’s mostly shot in Malaysia and Singapore, you hear words that you are very familiar with like “satay” and “terima kasih”, and the mandarin rendition of Coldplay's Yellow which I am practically listening on repeat. That is some serious Asian power. 

Growing up, I always rejected Asian culture and always skewed towards all things western. The music I listened to, the books I read, the movies I watched, the places I traveled to. I even refused to speak the language to a certain extent if given a choice. My parents sent me to a Chinese medium school in order for me to learn the language because they understood its importance. Perhaps, it was also due to the fact that my dad never got a chance to learn the language as he was sent to an English school during the 50s so it was imminent I learn it. Honestly I hated it, but thank god they did what they did. I am so thankful that my parents made that decision years ago.  As I got older, I realized the importance of learning your roots and not rejecting it. Now, I am actually beaming with Asian pride and never more proud of my heritage.  #definitelynotabanana

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