Tuesday, May 24, 2016

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ZARA pants   ⏐   Topshop tee  ⏐   Topshop camisole   ⏐   ZARA heels  ⏐   Mansur Gavriel bag 

First there was the slip dress on shirt, then there was the camisole on shirt. Yes darlings, the imminent 90s trend is back in full force. It is the throwback way to wear clothing with thin shoulder straps. Consistently being showcased throughout the 2016 Spring runway, the easy-to-wear trend is now being taken up a notch. Imagine a boudoir staple layered over a long-sleeved shirt or a simple tee to counter sexiness of the slip/cami and cut the sweetness. It is my new found modest dressing.

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Friday, May 20, 2016

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ZARA jacket   ⏐   Joe Fresh joggers   ⏐   Nike Roshe sneakers  ⏐   Saint Laurent bag 

The only colour that matters this spring: YELLOW. The hue - in all shades from brights to mustards cropped out on the spring runways this season. As a person not much into colours, I am keen on incorporating a hint of mustard into my wardrobe. Hence, the jacket. I love it!
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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

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18th - 20th March 2016  ⏐  My trip to Hong Kong was as impulsed as it could be for me. Friends who know me well know that I am not a person of impulse decisions. Therefore, this Hong Kong rendezvous came as somewhat of a surprise, even for myself. I have not experience the real Hong Kong other than its airport for a few years now. Mainly it serves as a transit hub for me while en-route to some other destinations from Malaysia. Since the beau was there for work, I figured why not join him since I get to visit family and friends there. Stepping into the city was a real defining moment, I forgot how much I loved the city and why I fell in love with it. The dynamic, the momentum, the fast paced is the adrenaline rush and the unexplainable subconscious desire to succeed in a very capitalist nature of the city.

Restaurants & Bars:
Australian Dairy CompanyJordan
Lei GardenTimes Square
Green HouseTimes Square
JasmineFestival Walk
Sky LoungeSheraton Hotel HK

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COS shirt dress  

Weekday tunic, weekend shirtdress perhaps? During my recent trip to New York, I got this shirtdress after seeing it in Toronto and decided to part with it. Second time was the charm. 

COS has always been my go-to-label for all things well-made and semi-formal. Some would agree on the philosophy that 'it is not about the brand, it is about the style or trend'. However, I agree to a different philosophy and has been staying true to it for the longest time. A brand has an equal chance (budget/ high-street/ luxury) of being well made or terribly made. An upscale brand can too be terribly made. So how would the quote mentioned precede this argument?

Personally, I lean towards well made classic pieces that I would foresee wearing for years.  I would never be the one who purchase things on a trend basis and compromising on quality. It is more of a personal style aesthetic and less of the trend aspect for me. It is always better to have a well curated closet of well made clothes than a closet full of trendy clothes. As of the label, people tend to associate higher end labels with better quality. Unfortunately this notion is true and we as consumers get what we pay for. 
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Saturday, May 14, 2016

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Not big on non-liquid breakfast but today was an exception. It was an early morning, and I decided to do some decor reading and ingest some very good Chinese traditional biscuits. 
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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

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Last year, the girls and I had our annual girls-only trip at Borocay. There were plenty of hormones going around but it was fun. The moment I stepped onto the island, I knew it was paradise. In fact, it was surreal that the waters were so clear. Our boutique hotel was located at Station 3, a quieter part of the island. Despite it being quite a walk from all the major activities, it was a right choice for its serenity. Borocay's White Beach is separated into Station 1, 2 and 3; Station 1 being the higher grounds and luxurious resorts, Station 2 for the party scene and Station 3 for a quieter ambience. When travelling, I tend to opt for boutique hotels rather than big chained ones due to my fondness for a more intimate and tailored experience. 

Borocay is a very picturesque island and that is without a doubt. Apart from going around with one of the girl's Go-Pro camera, most of our activities involve relaxing by the beach with local beers, taking strolls along the sand path, filling ourselves with pinoy food and indulging in a very relaxing massage. I couldn't remember the last time I had constant sand in between my toes for 72 hours. Although a self proclaimed near serial germaphobe, I was completely fine walking bare excluding the time where the sight of D'talipapa wet market with it's filthy wet floors gave me extreme cringes. 
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Sunday, May 8, 2016

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ASOS dress  ⏐  vintage Salvatore Ferragamo bag  

Trends change season by season. The last time I remembered the bell sleeves got so much attention was years ago. Lately, it has been reincarnated with a more minimalistic twist. Monochrome bell sleeves top and dresses are all over the range now. I love how they have this 'je ne sais quos' aesthetic to them; fancy yet casual and less of the bohemian vibe that bell sleeves were known for during the seventies. 
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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

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1. GREEN is pleasing to the eyes.
2. Thumbs up for anything that is metal tipped.
3. Lunch time drinks.
4. Work desk snacks. The healthy way.
5. Cereal milk that ain't Momofuku.
6. All things seafood a la The Fat Fish
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