Thursday, November 19, 2015

NAILSINC PAINT CAN is literally the best beauty creation (in my opinion) for the year, for impatient individuals like me. I absoulutely hate waiting for my nails to dry and hence, quick dry top coats are my manicure best friends. With all the marketing out there, manicures apparently just got way more convenient with the NAILSINC paint can. I am skeptical on how lasting this product is and I have yet to try it. Reviews wise, it doesn't sound that convincing. I guess I just have to try out myself to find out right?
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Sunday, November 15, 2015

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Christian Dior - Spring/Summer 2016

With a three-and-a-half year tenure wrapped and done, Simon leaves Dior with some of the most spectacular collections seen from the Parisian design house. Raf Simon's debut in 2012 was critically acclaimed, respectful to the house's history but fresh and enough gumption to demonstrate that he had new ideas and direction. Similar to his predecessor, the shows were theatrical but the clothes were realistic; they were wearable. With that thought, he succeeded. The shows were the anticipation of every season. Ahead, we look back on the final collection from a three-and-a-half year legacy Simons is leaving in his wake. 
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Friday, November 13, 2015

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Nothing beats grey knits (top and bottom) at the onset of winter. May the cold begins?
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⏐ SUNDAY, 30 AUGUST 2015 ⏐

My last day down under was unexpectedly pure gluttony which was followed by a much needed detox cleanse after. The use of brunch city might be overused but interesting or not, the city of Melbourne really does have its appeal at times.

Manchester PressRankins Lane
Adriano Zumbo, South Yarra

+39 PizzeriaLittle Bourke Street
Jinda Thai, Abbostford
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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

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⏐ SATURDAY, 29 AUGUST 2015 ⏐

I like South Melbourne. It's that je ne sais quos feeling. There's something to it that is very laidback. I wouldn't say it's the hipster Queen Street vibe, but more of a eat clean let's wear Lululemon sort of thing.  Close to downtown Oakville perhaps? My second last day down under was spent sleeping in, breakfast at the local market, got my sweet tooth satisfied at a famous patisserie before doing supposedly touristy stuff at a pink salt water lake at the Westgate Park and the Melbourne zoo.

Bibelot, Coventry Street

Menya Ramen, Elizabeth Street
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Saturday, November 7, 2015

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 ⏐ FRIDAY, 28 AUGUST 2015 ⏐

When in Yarra Valley, nothing is complete without a winery tour no? We went to two, Domaine Chandon (yes, same group as the Moet that everyone is pretty familiar with but too bad all the good stuff are all exported to foreign markets) and Yering Station. I wouldn't say the wines are top notch but the views are spectacular. Breakfast at a little cottage near the wineries and prior to dinner at the suburbs, the rest of the day was spent sipping a variation of wines. Either you gulp or you spit into the prepared bucket. So was I the former or the latter? 

Domaine Chandon, Coldstream
Yering Station, Yarra Glen
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